Portfolio : Project Management

ePM’s project management service organizes, plans, staffs and delivers capital projects. We provide the personnel and technical resources that the client does not have and cannot easily or economically acquire. ePM’s advanced, proprietary technologies enable us to deliver superior results and greater value than a typical project management contractor.


Phoenix Park Gas Processors, Ltd.

Multi million dollar engineering and construction project to increase capacity of a natural gas production facility. Multi national team of owners and EPC contractors. Project management centers in the U.S., Australia, Trinidad. ePM served as the owner’s representative and project manager; provided project control systems and personnel. Completed construction ahead of schedule.



A multi million dollar project to design and build a caustic soda plant in Trinidad and a snow melt manufacturing plant in New York. ePM provided project management and engineering resources through all phases of the project, from initial development through engineering, design and construction.

Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Company

A project to engineer and construct a petrochemical manufacturing plant in Saudi Arabia. Project management centers in Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East. ePM provided a range of professional project management services including open book estimate reviews, contract reviews, business management, and startup and commissioning leadership.

Engineering and Construction


A project to develop a natural gas production field off the coast of India. Multi national team of owners and Engineering Procurement and Construction contractors. ePM provided a range of project management services through the provision of a full-time business manager.

Hilton Port of Spain, Trinidad

A multi million dollar project to renovate the hotel while occupied. Project mangement centers in the U.S. and Trinidad. ePM served as the project manger for the multi national contractor consortium.

Raytheon Engineers and Constructors

A project to engineer and construct a petrochemical processing plant in Equatorial Guniea. ePM provided a range of project mangement services to the EPC contractor.


A project to engineer and construct an ethanol processing plant in Trinidad suffered from delays and escalating costs. ePM, through its TTeK Project Management Services subsidiary, provided a full-time Project Manager, Field Engineers and Construction Manager. We also supplied subject matter experts in hazardous operations, procedures and training. Our PMO staff implemented an integrated master schedule, budget, cost controls, and a change management system. We reworked the execution plan to recover much of the lost time and finish closer to the original schedule. Our team also identified several process design errors that would have prevented the plant from operating. With a professional team and controls in place, the owner has accurate management information, the schedule is reliable, and the final cost is predictable.

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