Organization Engineering

Is your team fully prepared for its next big challenge; the next phase of your major capital project, new product launch, or the new venture you’re creating? What if you could…

  • Assemble 100 people to work together for the first time and take a new product to market 20% faster than usual without sacrificing quality?
  • Increase operating revenue by $100 million?
  • Cut your average product development cycle time by 40%?

ePM’s clients achieve results like these by using our cutting edge organization engineering methods to optimize their teams' fitness for work.


Most companies base their organization plans on experience, benchmarks and best practices. Those retrospective guidelines all share a serious flaw: your team and its work are different from those that were the basis of those guidelines.

  • What is your team actually capable of?
  • Can their performance exceed the benchmarks?

The key to achieving predictable business results is designing a plan to fit the people you actually have on your team. You cannot assume you will be successful simply because you have done the things that led to success in the past.


Compress Months into Minutes

ePM uses powerful SimVision® simulation models to test your team’s ability to actually execute the plans that experience says should work. Models allow you to optimize the fit between your people, processes, leadership and information. Your business results will be predictable.

If you were producing a play, you would rehearse your cast before opening night to make sure that all the actors were working smoothly together. All the potential problems would be uncovered and fixed in a safe, risk-free environment. Why not do the same thing for your business? Simulation models compress months into minutes, allowing you to rehearse your entire operation or project many times and perfect it before you begin. You can be certain that your team will perform as planned.

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