Team Integration

Team integration aligns the five drivers of organization performance so your team can work to its full potential. Every aspect of a well-integrated, high-functioning team is aligned with the business objectives ...

  • Work processes are defined, understood and followed
  • Organization structure matches the work
  • Information is communicated freely and promptly
  • Leaders lead rather than manage
  • Structure, work, information and leadership adapt to the business environment

Team integration raises productivity, reduces risk, and enables predictable and profitable business outcomes.


Team Integration

ePM's Organization Performance by Design™ approach employs sophisticated SimVision® simulation models to amplify your expertise and achieve higher team performance than conventional OD techniques. Simulation models ...

  • Quantify the performance difference between your as-planned and as-is operation
  • Identify, quantify and prioritize your opportunities for improvement
  • Help you evaluate and compare different strategies for improving team integration

We add a powerful scientific component to a familiar workshop process. Designing both the structural and behavioral aspects of team integration enables you to ...

  • Base your decisions on facts as well as experience
  • Reach consensus faster
  • Sort your options objectively
  • Implement with confidence
  • Achieve predictable and profitable performance

No other OD process offers this power.

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